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Steve Stone

Steve Stone

Mental / Spiritual Trainer

My name’s Steve Stone. I’m an Artist, Graphic and Web Designer, Serial Entrepreneur, Comic Book Author, Co-Founder of DMHC, and Teacher. I’m passionate about helping other people see past the fog that I was lost and blinded in for far to long. A mix of mental training and spiritual understanding is what I have to offer those that need it.

I’m a regular guy with a keen understanding of both sides of an argument. Having come from a non-religious family upbringing, but being baptized into the mormon religion I learned something. God said there was no true church (to Joseph Smith), so I quit. I became an atheist after that, however after a few years life seemed larger than a random accident, but I knew whatever was out there wasn’t the God from the bible. (Having never really read the book mind you, just witnessing the followers) I then considered myself an agnostic. I searched to find out if someone had the answer, but nothing satisfied the question as to why are we here. What was life really all about?  After a series of (what at the time felt like the worst thing that had happened to me) I found myself searching once again and a book dropped into my lap, and answered all the questions that no one else had been able to answer. The book was filled with questions with the connections to the scriptures that answered or addressed those questions or issues. God had started my long and sometimes painful journey to the spiritual truth my soul had been searching for. I found a non-denomination church, and plugged myself in, becoming a children’s church assistant, performing in the Theatre outreaches, and the young adults ministry. I even found a home fellowship. I grew leaps and bounds spiritually during that time, but God removed me from each of those things. I understand the issues of Churchianity, and the differences of walking in the Love of God.